People addresses efforts to improve employee wellness and reduce medical risk in the context of the trends in the workforce demographics, and ultimately how to positively impact productivity.

Orient, train and equip prior to departure

Leveraging technology such as online training tools and automated emails can maximize the opportunity to effectively prepare personnel.

Proactively assist at-risk personnel

By effectively screening and medically accommodating personnel, adverse health outcomes can be reduced and business continuity maintained. This is particularly true for those on extended travel to high medical risk locations or performing hazardous work.

Ensure access to a corporate medical resource

Corporate medical department resources offer medical expertise while understanding the business needs and employee health concerns. With this background, the best recommendations can be made in the interests of all.

24/7/365 medical assistance must be available globally with company insight and decision making capabilities

Even when personnel are oriented, equipped, trained and medically accommodated, health incidents will occur. In such cases, medical assistance services ensure care is provided in the most effective, culturally sensitive and timely manner – whether for a simple case (i.e. referral to a qualified provider) or a major medical emergency (i.e. aeromedical evacuation).