Ensure access to a corporate medical resource

Ensure access to a corporate medical resource

Corporate medical resources are critical for all organizations to support and manage their global health programs and provide expertise/counsel in cases of emergency.

Corporate medical department resources offer medical expertise while understanding the business needs and employee health concerns. With this background, the best recommendations can be made in the interests of all.

Recommended Action

  • A corporate medical department resource should be available to offer guidance and assistance to both employees and management alike.

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Polling Results

  • 78-percent of companies indicate they have a medical director or other similarly situated physician.
  • 38-percent have clinical practice guidelines that were developed using an evidence-based medicine approach.

Council Commentary

A corporate medical resource is critical in assisting an organization preparing for and responding to global health incidents and ensuring the global wellness agenda is implemented and maintained. Analysis of the survey responses of companies in the top quartile compared to the lowest quartile of points by chi square testing indicates a statistically significant association of having a corporate medical director (or similarly placed expert) with having a higher score overall. While the position is important, appropriate health policies and guidelines to ensure effective program management are often lacking.