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The Benefits of Good Sleep Hygiene

Do you wake up rested and refreshed? If not, the quantity and quality of your sleep may not be sufficient. Travelers are at a higher risk of poor sleep because of the changes in routine and time zones. As the consequences of inadequate sleep are better understood, we now know that every aspect of […]

Technology and the Business Traveler

No one can deny the massive impact that technology has had on all of our lives in recent years. The advent of the digital age has seen the introduction of new ways of doing things in almost every aspect of our lives from schooling to shopping to how we communicate with each other and […]

Implement and Maintain Health Promotion and Well-being Programs Globally

As multinational organizations continue to expand into developing countries (emerging markets), we see the health risks in these countries begin to change. Multinational organizations are introducing convenience foods and a more sedentary lifestyle into the global workforce. With these choices, obesity and bad health follow. We are seeing chronic conditions like diabetes and heart […]

Think Safety While Traveling

When traveling, we rightly consider pre-travel immunization, transit via airports and in-flight hydration and movement, and food and water precautions. An important aspect to remember involves safety, not only on the streets, but also in your hotel.

In Your Hotel Room
Security advisors remind us that our hotel room, often considered a safe refuge from the […]

Millennial Health Engagement

The generation termed ‘millennials’ is made up of individuals born in the years from about 1980 to 1997. A year ago, the US Census Bureau noted that millennials surpassed baby boomers as the largest living generation in the United States. For this reason, it is imperative that healthcare providers fully understand how millennials’ view […]

Physical and Social Environment: The Impact on a Company’s Global Culture of Health

The physical and social environment of an organization greatly contributes to an overall culture of health and is critical to successful implementation of health focused programs. Research from Aldana and others (Marzec et al., (2011)) suggests that leadership support combined with a supportive physical environment and health focused policies are fundamental components for a […]

Employee Engagement: The Benefit to a Company’s Global Culture of Health

Engaging employees in an effort to create a company-wide culture of health can be a struggle. Engagement in general is difficult due to many factors. The World Health Organization workplace model places worker involvement in the center of the model along with leadership emphasizing the important role of employees in culture of health efforts. An […]

Statement from Rachel Nugent on latest ICHLC white paper

The following statement was provided by Rachel Nugent, Ph.D., Vice President, RTI International:

“Aging and new health challenges are global phenomena with major impacts on the world economy. The examples provided by ICHLC members of how to understand these challenges and improve the well-being of their employees is a testament to innovation and forward-thinking. By […]

Statement from Juan Sobalvarro on latest ICHLC white paper

The following statement was provided by Juan Sobalvarro, International Monetary Fund:

“In today’s globalized economy, fostering a Global Culture of Health should be a regular part of any organization’s daily business operations. The ICHLC’s paper clearly articulates why it is imperative that global organizations who want to increase employee engagement in their wellness initiatives need […]

Leadership Engagement and a Company’s Global Culture of Health

A company-wide culture of health must make health a priority in all areas of the organization and must offer employees opportunities to be healthy and practice healthy behaviors regardless of geographic location. Leadership engagement at all levels is essential for this transformation to occur and can play a role in both shaping and maintaining […]

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