The International Corporate Health Leadership Council (the Council) is a non-profit 501(c)(6) foundation whose objective is to drive standards and policies that result in reducing risk and improving delivery of healthcare to international business travelers, expatriates (and their families) and employees (in emerging markets) wherever they may live or work. Made up of the most senior leadership in corporate health – medical directors, corporate executives, thought leaders and researchers – the Council produces periodic reviews of the latest health trends relevant to global enterprise and provides key recommendations so that appropriate standards are benchmarked and best practices identified and shared with those who make or influence policy decisions concerning the protection and preservation of human capital.

The members of the Council represent a cross-section of industries with a global footprint – manufacturing, finance, technology, pharmaceutical, automotive and energy/mining/infrastructure industries, employing over two million people worldwide. There is also representation from government and non-governmental organizations.

The Council reviews relevant literature, networks with leading experts in global health and conducts independent research to define global corporate health recommendations. It is the intent of the Council that the findings and results documented here will assist corporate leaders in managing the risks of a global workforce, thus fulfilling their Duty of Care by protecting employees from foreseeable risks and threats. Further, the Council intends to continue to advocate for those health practitioners involved in international corporate health and occupational and environmental medicine. The Council ultimately plans to inform policymakers of the best science and practices in international corporate health and occupational and environmental medicine.

About the Council